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Some facts about photograph

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If you are interested in a picture, you would have known all about it. It is a fact that you must know all about your skills. When you appear in an interview for photography jobs, these things may help you. For example, if you are an event photographer, you must know about some interesting facts about event photography.
Similarly, if you are an Interior Photographer , you need to know about interior photography history and some important things about it. In this article, I shall tell you about some facts about photography. You need to know these facts if you are a photographer.
First color photo
It is the fact that there was no color photo before 1861. It was made by creating layers of three different images which had red, green, and blue filters. These photos were projected into one three-color photo by photosensitive plate, and the related filters were held together. This process was born out of the mind of Thomas Sutton. He suggested making color photos by this process. Thomas Sutton was a genius inventor, innovator photographer. He also gave the world the SLR camera during this time. He was also the developer of the earliest panoramic camera which had a wide angle lens. It was in 1859 when he invented this camera. The world owes a lot to this photographer.
The first projected image
Something is satisfying about projection. It is a fact that screening may be allowed even through tiny holes. You need not have anything special for prediction. Also, your donor needs glass for this purpose. A photograph or a landscape on screen comes to our mind when we think of photos. In the history of photography, the first projected picture was made through a camera called obscure. It consisted of a black box which had a tiny hole that allowed light in it, and there was an upside view ahead of the tunnel. Obscura is a Latin word that means dark room. The idea of projection was given by a Chinese philosopher Mozi long ago. A pinhole camera is the result of this idea.
The most expensive photograph
The most costly photo was sold for $4.5 million, it was a shot by Andreas Gursky. He captured it in 1999, and it was after a year that it was sold so expensively at an auction. According to official records, it is still expensive though another photographer claims to have sold a picture for more than a million dollars. This auction has no proof because the seller did not disclose his name and other details.
Kodak meaning
Something is fascinating about Kodak. This word does not take you to any sense. Though you may not believe it because a lot of products have meaningful names, there is a relation between their names and meanings. Some other related words have sense; for example, canon means a rule.
We have gone through some facts about photography. You need to know these facts. For an Interior Photographer knowledge of interiors is must; similarly, you need to know all about photography.