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Small tips: how to choose a good wine from the supermarket

This is what happens when we underestimate the importance of a good wine, perhaps on important occasions, but not only, is it also a question of good nutrition. Choosing a good wine at the supermarket without being a Sommelier and with a good quality or price ratio is something quite important and it is often a small dilemma to which we can respond with small details.

The most common mistake we make is to go straight on the cheapest or most expensive bottle depending on our evening, wrong. A higher quality is often associated with a higher price, but this rule is not always valid. What are the steps to follow for wine selection? Let’s see them together: With pago de Carraovejas you can have the perfect option now.

pago de Carraovejas

The type of dinner

First of all, before choosing the wine we must ask ourselves what meal we will consume in order to orient ourselves immediately on the various types. Example: if we eat fish tonight we will direct the choice towards a white wine and always based on our tastes we will opt for a dry white, fruity or sparkling. Having these indications, the choice will actually be simpler than expected.

Read the label

The wine label is the only weapon we have, once chosen whether red or white, reading the famous label will tell us what wine we are in and the individual elements we will understand if it is what it does for us. The rules of the label are rules established by the production regulations, therefore mandatory:

  • Sales description
  • Harvest year
  • Volume
  • Name, municipality and country of bottling
  • Alcohol content
  • Sulphite wording
  • Vines used, description, consumption, service and pairing

Just the ‘label helps us to do the initial screening. If the one you have before your eyes is more synthetic than a “Bignami” beware. If they save on ink let’s imagine the quality of the wine. Very often the combinations are already described in the labels and this is a great help because it facilitates us in the choice. If we also find the description of the flavor we are on horseback. This indication allows us in real time to do a test using the memory of flavors on the taste it will have and then to understand whether we will like it or not.

Very valuable information concerns the denomination and of course the more it will be of a level, such as controlled denomination of origin or controlled and guaranteed denomination of Origin, and the higher the quality of the wine. Other categories that are usually mentioned in the label are: VDT (Table wine) the origin of these wines is very wide, because there is no zone restriction, cultivation can have extensive variability IGT. (Typical Geographical Indication) the grapes of these wines coming from a specific region, therefore it certainly has a more precise origin.

The choice of wine based on price

Let’s say we want to take a bottle of Merlot: how do we decide if we are facing prices ranging between $ 1.90 and $ 14.00? Meanwhile we tend to the wineries located near where we are, this can significantly reduce the cost of purchase. Attention to products on offer: they do not always serve to empty only the warehouses. In the last few years, a myriad of wineries have been created which, in order to launch into the market, are sponsored through offers at a lower cost than the actual product range.