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The Smartest Quality Present in the Beauty Phones

Realize how stunning you are. If we recall that in our civilization, 91% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies, then the very decision to star in a nude already deserves a thunder of applause and congratulations for the courage. Constance and Eric professional photographers from Brooklyn photographed more than a hundred models in a form that few people are ready to show outside the house. They are sure: to make a frank session, and not just a selfie in the bathroom, you need courage that deserves respect. You can go for the saen higgins photos there.

Before shooting, you need rest and enough water what to do before shooting in the nude genre

Even if the night before the photoshoot is alarming and full of doubts, you need to try to relax. Cancel evening gatherings and a noisy party the day before. Take a warm bath or shower and better read a book before going to bed. In the morning you can see the magic that creates a good dream and sufficient hydration of the body. Both physical and emotional state will change for the better. Being in what the mother gave birth in it is stress, and the lights of searchlights and cameras only exacerbate it. To minimize anxiety, scientists are advised to drink plenty of fluids. This will reduce the excitement, and in the pictures, the model will look happy and confident, which means it will turn out better.

How to dress for a photoshoot

saen higgins photos

Take off your clothes quickly and put on a bathrobe over your naked body. It seems doubtful, but the reception really works. There are two reasons for this: firstly, traces of clothes (waistbands from elastic bands, dents from a belt) will disappear from the skin, and secondly, you will be able to get used to the feeling of nakedness or, if this is conceived, half-nude. A comfortable emotional state will be noticeable in the photo…

Do not drink alcohol

The vast majority of nude photographers give one piece of advice: do not drink alcohol before shooting. Even a few stress-relieving cocktails will unconditionally ruin the photoshoot. Sometimes you can drink a little while you work, but starting with little tips is definitely a bad idea.

Is it possible to drink alcohol before a photoshoot

A glass of wine to calm down is possible, more than a glass never. A drunken client often does and shows more than he was ready to do in a sober mind and a firm memory, and in photographing naked people, as in love, you need constant and informed consent. In addition, the face will look as if its owner daily takes whole baths from alcohol.

Try bending your knees

Although there are no clear rules in choosing a pose for a boudoir shooting, there are trump cards that always work. Journalist nude photographer says that she asks almost all customers to bend her knee and direct it inside. This visually makes the legs longer and slimmer with beautiful curves the figure becomes more feminine. The position of the limbs is generally able to completely change the photo. You can also cross your legs the figure will resemble an hourglass.

It is not necessary to expose the whole

If you think that any part of your body is not good enough for everyone to see it, do not go in cycles. Tell your photographer about your doubts a professional will always pick up postures and angles in which imperfections will not be noticeable. Often, customers ask that the stomach is not visible in the photo.