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Information about getting a driving license.

Having a driving license can be a lifesaver to others and also to us many times. Many countries like the UK, the USA, and many European and Asian countries are following very strict rules like IELTS, PLAB and TOEFL examinations. These countries have tests like theory, practical and screening. Everyone who applies for a driving license should clear all the tests then only they can get the official license from the respected government. Some other countries do not conducting theory screening tests, though they have few driving practical tests in front of the examiner.

The person who wants to apply a driving license can apply for the license via either postal or online. If you want to buy real driving license online then you have to check the authorized government websites.

General pieces of information about the license :

Before applying for a driving license, one should have to take the proper training from an authorized instructor to drive a car, bike or any other transport. If someone wants to get the license they need to cross the age limit which every country has, it comes between 17 – 21 depends upon the country’s driving rules act.

There are a few common steps that all the countries follow. They are

Theory test

Practical test

Screening test [ to check the person’s eyesight ]

Driving license will be approved

Procedure and certificates :

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Every citizen or migrant who applies for a license has to follow a few procedures to get the license. The person who applied for a license needs to know all the road and traffic rules constructed by the government before taking the theory test once. There will be an appointment date and time for every person who applies for a license which will be allocated by the respected government officers.

Proof should be submitted in front of the officer who enquires us during the practical test those proofs should be government verified certificates. Generally,


Birth certificate

Income tax card

Permanent resident card

Voting card

Etc, etc.

these verification proofs may differ depending upon the country that person lives.

Every country has different form names to apply driving license for example if you are a citizen of India you have to fill Form 4, a person of UK then the respected form is D1. Some countries provide the license in a card shape and some countries provide their license in both card and paper formate. The rule of every government is that each person should carry their driving license, vehicle insurance, and vehicle book while they driving, if once they fail to carry while driving then the person will be imposed with fine or sometimes they get imprisonment.

A person with a disability also gets a driving license that under some conditions. They also apply the same form which all other citizen is applying for but they need to fill the proper checkbox which the form contains many personal details.

If a person is not a citizen of the country where they live, that person also can apply for a driving license by submitting a work visa or after getting permanent residency.