The soul at the gaze of protecting angel

Everybody has an interest in the study of theology. Theology is nothing but the study of divinity and religious beliefs.  The religious belief of a person might bring him the ability and strength to do anything he wants. Hopefully, God assigns an angel for every person to take care of and save him from any of the dangers or issues. The angel assigned by the god is to protect the particular person and to guide them in all the situations which are named to be a guardian angel. Throughout antiquity, the belief in the guardian angel is traced. In ancient Judaism, guarding over the particular person and nationality by the protecting angel makes a clear concept over time. The people who have the interest to know about the angels can search over the website  Here we have many angels to protect and to do the individual job of doing anything over the life of a person. In the fifth century, the hierarchy and the theory of tutelary angel who is known to be the patron or guardian of the particular place or person was an extensive development in Christianity.

Hebrew Bible and Old Testament portray: Hebrew Bible and Old Testament cope up with the detail and theory about the guardian angel throughout the marked development. The angels are considered to be the ministers of the god to make the interlink between the god and man. The angels carry out the information about the man to god. The belief of man about the angel leads to be the better guide and intercessors.

Guardian angel in the New Testament: The concept of the guardian angel makes a clear note in the new testaments too. The New Testament states that the guardian angels were present everywhere and they are the media between the god and man. The Christ states a line in the Old Testament that the angels are present in heaven and then they face the face of the father who stayed in heaven. And also the New Testament traces that the angel succored that the god is present in the garden. Then St. Peter delivered by the angels from the prison.

Perspectives of the Catholic Church: In the view of Saint Jerome, the “mind of the church” is the main concept of the guardian angel. And also that state, the dignity of the soul is very much greater when he got from birth. Honorius of Autun was the first Christian theologian to underline the specific scheme about the guardian angels in the 12th century. A guardian angel was assigned to every soul for guiding the soul and to save over the problems. In Christianity, angels are considered to be the agents of god to serve the people. With the permission of the congregation in some of the places, the feast that happened on the first Sunday in September is known as the feast of the guardian angel. And the feast Sunday is considered to be the catholic holiday.

Holy guardian angel: In the Catholic Church, the morning prayers are held with the proper amen that the holy guardian angel is appointed as the guardian of everymen to direct and save the person from everyday situations “Amen”.