Be a professional expresso maker at home

Do you want to taste a delightful expresso at home?  Do you want to prepare a delightful expresso at home easily? No need to worry about the preparation of coffee. You can use thisIzzoVivi Plusproduct to prepare expresso at home. Thus, you do not have to go anywhere for expresso or coffee or any other beverages. The product is manufactured from a renowned organization in this field. Like this product, there are also varieties of professional espresso machines. This product is made by using materials of good qualities and also by using modern technology. If you want to brew your own expresso use מקינטה BIALETTI .  The product is according to your budget.


Why you buy this product?

The product has the latest technology that can heat materials quickly. It has a large heating component than the boiler size. This makes the Vivi product an outstanding heating quality. The case and frame of the product are made up of strong stainless steel. This adds an attractive shining color to the components. The price of the product through low but it is not compromised with the shining appearance of the product. There is a timer attached to this product that shows the shots counts and so you can come to know the final time for a few seconds after the brewing is finished. So, an easy reading shot timer adds an interesting feature to the product. These are all positive aspects. The negative aspect includes is that the small size of the item of Vivi will give you a hot touch when you try to adjust the PID. The positive aspects of the product are much more than the negative aspect of the product. So, it is hoped that you will certainly adjust yourself with the pros and cons aspects of the product.

What else you will get?

The weight of the product is 45 kilograms. It can retain a power of about 1350 Watt. Its voltage is about 120 Volt. The case materials and boilers are created by using stainless steel. It can reserve water around 2.5 liters. It has a solenoid valve and cups warmer. It has a well-designed heat exchanger. For preparing the beverages, it needs water. You do not have to add water during the preparation as the machine can take water from the reservoir or internal tank. The overall material is made up of stainless steel.  A programmable PID is attached which is beneficial to automatically manage the temperature. This offers a strict temperature range than any other device. It has a boiler with an insulated heat-exchanger. It has Automatic temperature and shot timer management. It also has a low water alarm.

If you are looking for an easy way to make espresso and other beverages at home then, without looking any further, please buy this product of espresso makerIzzoVivi Plus. It has a one-touch control switch by switching which you can easily brew expresso or any type of beverage at home. It has also automated milk foamed that will help you in serving the most creamy, delicious expresso at your home.  The tray given along with it can hold cups of various sizes. You can use מקינטה BIALETTIin brewing the expresso. This product is really labor and time-saving.  So buy the product and enjoy a delicious espresso that will boost up your energy.