Owner builder

Owner builder – A dream homemaker

A builder is a person who builds his own residential project all by himself. Being one is the dream of many people these days. As building an own house is a much-awaited dream one may get more satisfaction in doing it all by himself. In recent years the trend is owner himself being a builder. Being an owner builder gives a different experience as the person gets to know each and every step involved in house construction and gets to handle all responsibilities personally. They also get ample chance to ensure that every bit of construction work done is perfect and no single point is missed in bringing their dream house into reality.

Owner builder

For an owner to be a builder himself he must get an authentic permit and that can be obtained by completing some assessment fixed by the construction authorities. To clear this assessment, one must do some builder owner course and get a thorough knowledge of all aspects involved in a construction project. There are many online website and course providers who offer Owner builder course online. These online courses are very short-term courses and east to get through. Just enroll for an online course, complete the course successfully and get an owner-builder license. Then you can be the builder of your dream house and do a great job.


Roles of an owner builder

  1. After completing an online owner builder course, the person must get a building permit from the concerned authority or construction department. He needs to provide a complete description of the work planned to be performed under the owner-builder permit to the concerned authority and take an approval.
  2. It is very important for the owner-builder to set a proper plan and determine the value of building work by calculating the cost of all materials and labor included, so as to complete the work without any budget issues.
  3. He has to make sure that all work carried out in the site are according to what is described in the permit and see that all rules and regulations related to the construction project are followed properly.
  4. Ensure that all safety measures are taken at the construction site so that no worker or work at the site of construction is harmed in any way.
  5. The owner-builder himself should get approval to all related documents like building plan, specifications, earth work etc. And make sure that all work performed in the site, is in accordance with the approved documents.
  6. The owner-builder has to take all responsibilities related to the building works carried on in the site and if any legal issues arise in further, that should be resolved on his own. Any issues with the renovation, extension, alteration, improvement or repair of the house have to be managed by himself.
  7. The owner-builder who constructs the house has to do it in his own site and is not allowed to rent or sell his property or use it for any other commercial or business purpose.

Gone are the days where you have to depend on someone entirely for making your dream come true. Its time to get yourself gear up and get ready to build your dream home!