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Web design tutorial series: how to get hosting for cheap

Before you try to start web designing, it’s important to know what sort of site it’s going to be. If it’s a personal blog site, the design should reflect that. Or if it’s going to be a business website or a site to showcase the work of some artist, the design should be according to that. Today is the fifth day of our web design class, and we are going to discuss how to get hosting for as cheap as just one penny for your website. We are one of the leading Seattle web design firms, and we also offer mobile app development services . So, let us get started.

Web design class: how to get hosting for just a penny

mobile app development services

We usually choose PayPal while buying hosting or domain for our projects, so here we will mention only the same – however, you can use any other payment method like credit/debit card without any problem if you don’t have a PayPal account. In our fourth class, we saw how to register a domain and to host in Hostgator site. Now, let’s see how to get a hosting package for as low as only a penny.Now, select your preferred payment method, and then we’ll see some additional services are available to choose if you wish so. And once again you can just have a read through each of these and see if you want any of them, we normally just uncheck each of these boxes. Then under that it says enter a coupon code, and you might notice there’s a lot of sites offer such discount codes or coupon codes to buy hosting and domain for cheap. Head over to Google and type “HostGator coupons”, and you will see plenty of such sites from where you can get a valid coupon to get some nice discount, depending on what promotion they’re running at the time. I already a coupon code entered in here but as I promised you at the start of this tutorial – I’m going to show you how to get your first month hosting with Hostgator for only one penny. So instead of the coupon code that’s entered in the box already, you can search in other coupon sites to find that “one penny hosting” code. For the new registrations in Hostgator, such one penny coupons are almost always available, so finding one wouldn’t be much hassle.

Once you get the code, type it manually in the box and click the submit button below to check the validity of the same. Once clicked, you will see that we are now getting our first month hosting for only one penny.  Now, here I do just want to quickly mention that they do occasionally change where this coupon section is – so if it’s not above the review order details section, you just need to look around for it. Sometimes it is at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes it’s a little further up, but once you enter the coupon code – you’ll see that your first-month hosting is only one penny. We also get access to 24/7 phone support, live chat and email support for free, and they also have a 45-day money-back guarantee. so you just want to check over everything here and once you’re happy we can just check “terms and condition” box and privacy policy, and then just click checkout. That’s it and congratulation as you got the one penny hosting for your website.