virtual escape room game

Virtual Escape Rooms for your entertainment

The virtual escape room game is designed by game companies for the adventure and entertainment of the people. They give you life to the experience of playing together and headed by the hosts in Zoom. Here are some of the very popular Virtual Escape Room games that have been loved by people to enjoy with their family, friends, or people living in different areas.

The Escape Game Remote Adventure

The Escape Game has been opened recently, and now allows people to play on location after sanitization and take complete precautions regarding Covid. But the people who want to play with their friends and family from another place can get virtual experience on live games. There is a person who hosts the whole live session and guides all the people in the group. In the game, there are 4 to 8 players allowed and will have to pay the fixed amount.

The Grimm Escape

The Grimm Escape was a very popular game during the COVID 19 pandemic, many people got attached to this game and loved the virtual escape rooms. This game involves the graphics of real life. On Zoom, the game was played in the magical forest scene. The whole theme of the game is to solve the puzzle and get free from the witch. For playing the Grimm Escape, the previous booking is required and the payment of entry fees.

virtual escape room game

Bank Heist

It is a puzzle-solving game, in the virtual escape room. It is a mission-based game where you have to solve the puzzle and open the safe. You will need a calculator to complete the puzzle and complete the level. It is a time-bounded game and a crime

Hogwarts digital Escape room

In this Escape room, you will get a chance to select your theme, which you want to play with your friends and family. You can finish the game in a group, alone or with your friends. You will be provided with a lot of attractive options that will surely adore you.

Oscar’s stolen Oscar

This game involves searching for the Oscar in the sea. You will also explore the scene of the aquarium and all the creatures. You will have to find his award statue. And this will help you to complete the level. This will give you a virtual experience of the sea creature.

Brain Chaise

The Brain Chase helps you to broaden your skills, and also get an opportunity to learn many new things. The brain chase is just like an educational platform that offers you a virtual escape room. There is also a competition conducted every month, you play and win prizes there. All you need to do is to register in the brain chase competition, and then try your best to win rewards monthly.

Minecraft Escape Room

This virtual escape room is themed around various games and helps the kids to learn maths problems and solve them using various videos. The kids of this generation will enjoy learning and playing together, and you also won’t stop your kids from playing this game.