Social Media and your Imagination of the best People

Today, most people cannot imagine their lives without social networks. Social networks completely covered the world with their web and the phrase “add to friends” has become one of the most popular. Social networks have no age or professional restrictions. People of all specialties (bankers, teachers, company executives, etc.), layers and ages tirelessly correspond with friends, relatives, and simply with outsiders.


Why is it that more and more often the computer and keyboard replace us with meeting friends, talking over a cup of tea?

Convenience, because a person is just sitting at home, in a comfortable room on his own couch, chatting with his interlocutor, after downloading QIP, or using the Skype program. Where else, if not in a social network, you can find old classmates, colleagues, colleagues. Services allow you to get almost any information about a person, find any data from movies to the software. It is noticed that everyone complains about the lack of time due to hard work, the social rhythm of life. We do not get enough sleep, do not have time to do the work. But it’s worth going into social networks and a person has enough time to find a friend, chat, etc.

Why does man strive for this?

Elementary, he needs to evaluate his actions from the outside. Everyone does not live for themselves; people live for others. Buying various beautiful things is just attracting someone else’s attention, but at home, you do not try to be colorful, because no one will appreciate it. Social networks provide an opportunity for a person to show his abilities, show himself to an audience, embellish himself, if something is wrong, in front of a large audience – he will assert himself. If it did not work out in your personal life, then in a social network you can catch up and set up everything. You can be praised, sympathize with you. Everything moves in boomerang mode, and what you want is what you get. People take refuge from the real world, which is much more complicated than simply setting machine zeros and ones for your actions in another virtual world. To find friends is much easier in the virtual than among employees or others. The social network has many different groups and participants, so finding like-minded people is much easier.

The Matter of Impossibility

It is impossible to escape from the use of social networks, they are very strongly entrenched in the consciousness of mankind. A person does not want to be alone and therefore is looking for options, but this is the easiest way. Using social networks is an inevitable future, but the main thing is not to lose reality.

In modern society, the role of social networks is steadily increasing, since one of their main features is interactivity and freedom from the power vertical. We would like to list the equally important, useful features of these social media that make them relevant: the ability to carry out social, political, legal and campaigning activities that contain feedback mechanisms; the ability to quickly respond to requests from citizens coming directly through a social network; ability to influence political and social processes in society; the ability to highlight political leaders; open access to social and political materials, to administrative documents located on the data pages of Internet resources.