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Smart Options for the best Phone Boxes

Opt for a phone box independent of your walls to place in an Open Space, a fully manufactured product, as is the case with closed and customizable acoustic cabin using your existing walls, or already pre-landscaped areas. You can add glass walls to manually partition the space. This is a solution that requires prior work in your business. With the phone box you can have all the best choices now.

The advantages of a phone box as a separate piece:

The furniture equipment provided as basic: generally, this type of soundproof cabin allows to house office furniture composed of a table, stools, office chairs. It, therefore, offers an important working comfort.

Sound insulation: this acoustic cabin allows you to effectively cut off external noise while preserving the confidentiality of the exchanges inside.

phone box

The disadvantages of a phone box as a separate piece:

A large size: if you opt for an independent structure that does not require prior work, the entire phone box houses furniture inside which necessarily results in a larger surface necessary for its installation.

The necessary works in your company: if you want to create acoustic cabins using the structure of your premises walls, recesses, this is a cheaper solution, but which requires performing work prior to their installation.

Alcoves without doors or acoustic chairs, the most economical choices

There is an offer of furniture parallel to the phone boxes that allow employees to make phone calls or to isolate themselves in a less noisy environment. There are two types of products on the furniture market: acoustic chairs and acoustic panels.

Professional acoustic chairs

Office acoustic chairs are a mobile and less expensive solution than a telephone box, or office acoustic booth, to allow employees to work in a quieter space, without having to isolate themselves too far from an Open Space.

An acoustic chair has high lateral sides made of foam or absorbent fabric composed of cells, allowing to physically creating a bubble that protects its users from the surrounding noise. Some armchairs even have a ceiling, which is particularly effective when you know that 60% of sound waves and reverberations in a room arrive at the ceiling. This is the case, for example, with The Box Lounger armchair. To speak technical, this type of product allows a sound reduction higher than 15-20 decibels, for frequencies between 500 and 2000 Hz. Prices vary by model and noise absorption capacity.

Acoustic panels, to recreate rooms and partition space

Vertical acoustic panels for the office are suitable for companies that want to partition an open workspace that is too noisy. Visually, these acoustic panels that reduce decibels allow employees to feel in an environment reserved for them.

Semi-open or mobile acoustic cabin, the hybrid choice

Finally, this 4th and last model of the phone box has the distinction of being semi-open and easily movable from one place to another. This type of phone box is similar to partitioned offices.

The advantages of a semi-open and mobile phone box:

You work comfortably: these models of semi-open phone boxes are equipped with a table, seats, which allow you to bring your computer and media to write. This type of furniture offers greater working comfort.

The visual concentration is reinforced: generally, sections of the structure come close visually space, avoiding you to be disturbed. Visual concentration is assured.