Camera Shop Malaysia

Photographs are taken to recognize what our exists mean to us

Everyone likes photographs, in our ancient period, not all the people have cameras to click their favorite moments, but nowadays most people have android phones and able to click all their moments immediately. There are different types are available in the shops like Camera Shop Malaysia that cameras are,

Point and shoot cameras:

Point and shoot camera are also known as a compact camera, this camera is useful for the people who need to capture the vacation pictures of their family and friends. These cameras are not for professional photographers but for the people who want to capture their happy moments.

These types of cameras are permanent lens and moveable focal length, it is one of the best cameras for the documentation work, and in this camera, all the photographs are recorded in JPEG format.

These cameras have AA batteries and some cameras have custom batteries, point and shoot cameras are light weighted and you can carry in your small bag easily.

Smartphone cameras:

Nowadays almost all the people have smartphones, and at present every phone has good quality cameras, almost many smartphones have dual cameras too, one in the front and another one in the back. And, in some mobile phones, there are two cameras at the backside itself one for the portrait and another one is for a normal picture.

There are many blur effects on the photos are available in mobile cameras like in DSLR cameras, it makes the mobile cameras more attractive than the cameras. The growth of mobile phones reduces the use of cameras.

Camera Shop Malaysia

Smartphone cameras are suitable for the persons who need to have a camera in there all the time but don’t want to carry cameras. Apple iPhone, Redmi Note 5 Pro is an example of cameras with the best features.



Film cameras:

It all started with film cameras, during the primary days of photography, people use film as a medium to capture photos. Later these films are replaced by the memory cards and camera sensor.

Photographers can control the Shutter and Opening speed from the camera, nowadays these cameras are not manufactured by the makers because of the lack of demand.

Action cameras:

Action cameras are the miniature size cameras, you can fit this camera into any place, where the normal cameras are unable to fit. These cameras are used to capture images, videos. There are many mounting options are available, are fit into vehicles, body, clothing, and helmet too.

Action cameras are also used to record the videos underwater too, these cameras can be connected to smartphones and you can see the live view on your phone. YI and GoPro are some of the popular brands of action cameras available in the market.

Rugged cameras:

These types of cameras are waterproof and shockproof cameras. These cameras are similar to the shoot digital cameras in the specification process, the dissimilarity is in the build superiority.

YL is one of the famous camera shops in Malaysia, many local expert photographers are the regular customers of this shop, all the various cameras and equipment are available in this shop. Within two days they deliver their orders to the customers and they also have repair and service centers.