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Internet Marketing Options As per the Rules

An annual phenomenon, online marketing tips for the New Year. We have listed the most important marketing trends for 2020 for you. What are the biggest changes compared to 2019? And what should not be missing in your online marketing mix in 2020? You can Click here now for the best choices.

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Create web texts for the visitor and not for the search engine

We cannot say it often enough: web texts are for the visitor and not for the search engine. This trend also continues in 2019.  What thought does the visitor come to the page? What does he or she expect to see? The better your page and website connect with the visitor, the longer the visitor stays and the better your website scores in the search engine.

Voice search in 2020

It is an addition to creating web texts for the visitor the rise of voice search. This is a marketing trend that is coming over from America. Smart speakers such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomePod have gained considerable ground there in recent years. The launch of the speaking Google home speaker end of October 2018 is therefore just the beginning.

Once again there is a reason to answer the questions that a consumer has both in text and in speech. Experience shows that users of a smart speaker often communicate with the speakers in question form. The number of online publications that embrace voice and publish audio content on these devices will, therefore, increase considerably in the future.

Video continues its advance in 2020

It must not have escaped most of us; the presence of video. More and more companies are busy with video on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We can certainly say that video is an important marketing trend for 2020.

The video will become even more important in 2020. Studies expect video to be good for no less than 85% of total internet traffic in 2020. Currently, 56% of internet users already watch videos on a social media platform every month. The share of video advertisements is also large. For example, 65% of the advertising impressions on Instagram consisted of video content.

We expect that these percentages will only increase in the coming years. We recommend that you certainly start in 2020 with video or increase your current video marketing efforts.

Employer branding: Marketing deployment for HR purposes

Employer branding a marketing trend, isn’t that more of an HR thing? Do we hear your thinking “Our answer? Certainly not. With the current economic developments, the labor market has become extremely tight. In particular, in the retail and technical sectors, there is a real ‘war on talent’ going on. It is nevertheless important if you want to be able to continue to deliver the output you want and to take advantage of the current economic climate. We see that companies are increasingly using the available marketing channels to attract new employees and create a brand experience for potential employees.

But how do you respond to this trend? Make content about working at your company and show people what you have to offer. But don’t forget your current employees either. They are the perfect showcase for employer branding. For us, employer branding is certainly an internet marketing trend for 2020 that we will keep an eye on.