apple watch band 44mm

Flaunt your style with these awesome Apple watch bands: And you won’t believe the price!

Do you wear the same shirt every day? Or the same shoes at every occasion? Or the same perfume? No, right? So why don’t you swap you Apple watch bands every day, at every occasion or based on your mood? Yes, I’m not crazy, I’m not suggesting you to spend your monthly salary to buy those overpriced junks from Apple stores – I’m talking about alternative womens apple watch bands made by third-party manufacturers.

I can’t help but agree that Apple knows how to make a gadget super stylish. No matter it’s iPhone or MacBook or Apple watch, they know a thing or two when it comes to design. Those gadgets can be your style statement at any place and on any occasion. Regardless it’s a business meeting or a dating or a sports match with friends, an Apple watch would flaunt itself on its own. However, to match the versatility of those watches, you need a bunch of bands, based on color and styling. Just one black original Apple watch band won’t be enough as an important part of your style statement. Also, one single band Just as an example – say if your workout and go to the gym on a regular basis, would you want to wear that costly original Apple leather band there? Or a replacement silicone strap would be a better option which is water and sweat proof and at the same time sturdy enough to keep up with your long gym sessions? Exactly! Let’s start without further ado – I’m ready to show you some of the most elegant Apple watch bands you can buy right now, and the best thing about them is – these won’t cost you an arm and a leg, unlike original Apple watch bands.

apple watch series 4 bands

However, there’s only one problem. It will be very hard for you to decide which bands you want with so many colorful, elegantly designed replacement bands – you’ll be overwhelmed with the plethora of choices. And we are here just to help you with that. We have handpicked a bunch of Apple watch bands just for you choose from based on their price, what materials they are made of and what styles and moods they suit. Most of them come with different color options, so you’re in for a treat for sure!

If you’re one of those who got new series 4 version of Apple watch, we have the exact Apple watch band 44mm for you – or if you’re the owner of older versions, we have selected few 38mm and 42mm bands based on your model.

Please note that we didn’t try each and every watch band we have listed here. We made our selections based on their user reviews, price and style quotient.

Nylon bands from the stable of “Southern Straps”: surprisingly cheap, yet very high-quality

While NATO watch bands are very affordable and stylish to jazz up your Apple watch, they have their own cons. And what’s that? Those bands wrap your Apple watch such way, that the heart rate sensor of the watch gets covered up by the strap, hence an important function of your Apple watch just doesn’t work. Nobody wants that, right?

Here comes Southern Straps with their replacement nylon bands. They offer you the same NATO style you love while allowing the heart rate sensor to do its own job. You can surely try one of those expensive leather bands too, but these nylon bands provide you great styling options in a very small budget.