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Finding the Best of Apple Watch Bands for You

It’s time. The long-awaited apple watch 2 bands, seven months after its first presentation, is marketed Friday. The opportunity is to look at the different models and the 38 possible combinations proposed by the brand to the apple, but also to remember the limits of the connected bracelet.

Which dial to choose?

To start, there are two sizes of the dial: 38 mm and 42 mm. This corresponds to the height of the dial, it will choose according to your wrist size, of course, but also your desire to display a larger or smaller screen, which offers better readability of the display. In addition, Apple has divided its various models into three categories:

apple watch bands

The classic version, “Apple Watch”, made of stainless steel for the dial and sapphire crystal for the screen glass. This is the entry-level model, the cheapest. Sport version, with aluminum case and reinforced glass, compared to the classic version. The bracelets are announced “more solid” and the colors more vivid: a model rather intended for sportsmen as its name suggests but also to those who want a watch rather than a jewel.

The luxury version, named “Apple Watch Edition”. The case is here in 18K yellow or pink gold, while the screen is sapphire crystal. For the bracelets, the choice proposed by Apple will logically lead to bracelets and clasps upscale. A model will be marketed from 11,000 dollars and up to 13,000 dollars.

Last note: the choice of the model will also be made according to its weight: sports models will be lighter (from 25 grams), while the Edition version will weigh between 54 and 67 grams depending on size.

What bracelet?

If Apple has promised a very large selection of bracelets to accompany its latest gadget, all will not be compatible with all models of dials. And it’s even more complicated since some bracelets will only be compatible with certain dial colors: for example, for the Sport version, the black bracelet will only be compatible with the “sidereal gray” (darkest) color and not with the silver model (lighter). Finally, Apple has provided Internet users with a guide to choosing the right bracelet size compared to the selected model, accessible on this page.

Pre-order online required. Here is a factor that should lead to the absence of any queue in front of the Apple Store on April 24. Apple has indeed announced the obligation to go through its merchant site to pre-order an Apple Watch, regardless of the model chosen. And better to do it from April 10th, the opening date of pre-orders, to validate his purchase online. Because a week later, April 17, orders are already announced for shipping from June, more than a month waiting between order and delivery. Apple has also confirmed that to buy its watches directly in stores, it will be necessary to wait until at least June, probably for reasons of stock.

Should we wait for the V2?

This is the big question for every new Apple device, but this time it deserves a double time of reflection. For if a handful of media has spent a few days with the Apple Watch on the wrist, no in-depth test has yet emerged.