Best Use of the Surgical Mask in Every Step

Many microbes migrate from one living organism to another by airborne droplets. In fact, the main transmission of the deadly COVID-19 virus is through secretions from the mouth and nose. The medical mask is a means of protection against infectious and viral diseases. In you can find the best choices now.

With the coronavirus pandemic, disposable masks have become a scarce commodity. At the same time, not everyone knows how to put on a medical mask correctly, and what medical masks are generally available. Experts will tell you everything you need to know about medical masks, how to wear a medical mask so that it actually protects against bacteria and viruses, in which cases medical masks are useless.

What is a medical mask, history of appearance?

A medical or surgical mask, and among the people “accordion” is a disposable product that closes the mouth and nose, thereby providing a barrier to the transmission of infectious particles from a sick person to a healthy one. It does not help against dangerous chemicals or serious bacteria and viruses, you need a respirator.

Probably the prototype of today’s medical mask is the plague doctor’s leather mask, reminiscent of a bird’s beak. In the middle of the beak were aromatic salts and medicinal herbs, which were supposed to help the doctor cope with the smell of decaying flesh, and also protect against bacteria.

Already in the 19th century, a piece of woolen fabric with a valve served as a mask. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the scientist Schroeder proved the effectiveness of the mask as a means of preventing the spread of microorganisms from a sick person.

The mask was widely used during the “Spanish woman” – the flu virus that claimed the lives of millions of people. The surgeon first put on a mask in 1896, and since 1920 gauze masks are mandatory for use in medical institutions. The gauze was used as a material for medical masks for a long time until they began to produce disposable medical masks from spun bonds a non-woven synthetic material.

Modern Mask

A modern medical mask has three layers two external and the third filter between them. It is the last layer that is important, so it does not matter which side to wear the mask. Microbes will equally collect both on the white side of the mask, and on the color. Three-layer masks have a degree of protection of up to 95.9%. Sometimes there is a fourth layer in masks, moisture-proof to protect against the ingress of body fluids. The degree of filtration of four-layer masks reaches 99%. Along one edge of the mask, there is an aluminum flexible insert that helps the mask fit snugly against the nose. To fix the mask on the face, stitches, ear or elastic loops are sewn onto the product.

What are medical masks, their wearing time and effectiveness?

Disposable masks depending on the purpose: every day and specialized.

Everyday (procedural) masks have three layers and come in adult sizes (175 × 95 mm) and children’s (140 × 80 mm) and 12 × 70 mm).

Specialized (surgical) masks have four layers, in addition to the two outer layers and the filter they have an anti-liquid layer. Surgical masks may have a special screen.

Disposable masks are sterile and non-sterile. Sterile masks are needed only in operating rooms, laboratories, etc.