Cute Airpod Case

A New and Advanced Technology Headset called Air pods

In the field of manufacturing the speaker and mike, the headset became a boon to the people. They have used this headset for every purpose which is combined with gadgets such as mobile, laptop, tablet, mp3 players and so on. After the advancement the headset comes with a set of headphones and microphones, so people can hear and also speak to them who were in the opposite line in the mobile. The headsets are providing the function of telephone handset equivalent but the change is it can be used hands-free. These headsets are helpful to the people of the call center and MNC people to talk with onsite people. These headsets are wired one, but the new advanced level of the headset is called Air pods and it will be combined with Cute Airpod Case . These Air pods are wireless one it is embedded with Bluetooth earbuds which are created by Apple Company.  These Air pods are released their first generation of Air pods on 2016, September 7. That became very popular among the youngsters and technologists who have used these types of headsets for their personal use. After the three years, they have released their second generation Air pods on 2019, March 20, which is the present model that all over people are using now.

Cute Airpod Case

The first & second generation Air pods:

The greatest gadget company, Apple has announced its advanced technologist headsets and named Apple Air pods. The first generation of Air pods is released on the special event of Apple where they have launched the iPhone 7 and also the Apple watch series 2, even though these Air pods are launched lately in December but it was planned to launch in October of 2016 only. After December these Air pods became available in all the Apple stores and also in some other Android stores. The specialty of this first generation is it possessed with the Apple W1 SoC processor which will help the battery to be optimized by this and process of Bluetooth 4.2 connection as well as the connections for audio. There are some other advanced functions like watch OS 3, Mac OS Sierra, iOS 10, or later. All these are helpful to the function of standard Bluetooth headphones that while it connects the device that will support even in the Bluetooth 4.0 or higher than the laptops of windows computer and gadgets. The next second-generation Air pods were released within three years of 2019, they have an H1 processor, Bluetooth connectivity, which is capable to connect with multiple device connections. If the user wants to know something like, then they can simply call Siri through these pods because it was added in iOS 13.2 which was the one will dictate the text to Siri and then get the results. The best and notable advancement is the Air pods case supports the wireless charging. The charging gauge LED to the external of the case was the great achievement of the company. The price of the second generation Air pods is 159 dollars and the case of Air pods is separated so it is nearly 79 dollars