What is the Most Effective Choices for the Home Building Options Now

How do you choose the reliable contractors among all those names and companies? How do you narrow down a long list of professionals to some interesting contenders? With these golden tips you make the right choice. Make a visit to ibuiltmyhome for the essential choices now.

Take your time

Take your time to find a contractor. Check out his website, ask for examples of recent work and pulse from customers about their experiences. If you work with an architect, he will certainly advise you. Contractors linked to the Construction Confederation can be found via the Find a professional tool. References are also very important. Only by talking to customers of a specific contractor can you get a good view of the work delivered.

Tip: take a look at our forum for experiences of other builders and builders.

Check your contractor

Do you want to check whether your contractor is in good financial shape? What are the chances of a bankruptcy? How did he evolve financially in the past year? You can find out quickly and easily with an extensive company report. Thanks to a campaign, 500 builders and renovators can do just that Request a free report with the promo code. You can also check whether your contractor has social or tax debts and check whether he has the right professional knowledge via the website of the Economy and the Bank for Enterprises.

Request a quote

A good professional will always provide you with a detailed and technically substantiated offer free of charge. By comparing some offers, you make an informed choice. Take your time to study them and make sure not to rush. Attention: comparing quotes is easier said than done especially if you don’t know much about it. Do you work with an architect? Then ask his or her advice. And dare to request additional information from your contractor.

Choose quality

Look beyond just the price. Do not choose only depending on the period within which the contractor can carry out your work. Fast service does not necessarily guarantee quality. But the more expensive, the betterĀ  does not always apply. Some contractors dare to put a higher price tag when their agenda is full. Prepare your homework well by requesting references. During that phase, separate all the wheat from the chaff.

Avoid large advances

Often a contractor must purchase material in advance. An advance of 20 to 30% at the start of the works is therefore certainly normal. But avoid excessive advances. For larger projects, it is best to pay as the works progress. We will return to tip 8 for large projects. But when is an advance overdone? Our advice: do nothing that you do not feel comfortable with and make agreements made black and white. Also check every time the financial health of your contractor before you pays an advance or new installment. This way you avoid that your payment suddenly disappears in a bankruptcy.


Do not pay cash

Do you pay cash? Then make sure you have proof of payment. But avoid large amounts. Paying cash to have work done in black is illegal. And it involves a great risk: you have no recourse for defects and no rights for disputes. You can prove a transfer. Not a cash payment. And that is annoying when it comes to a conflict with your contractor. Because then the word is against word.