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Tips to Secure Your Online Gaming Accounts

You must not use a password for your mail in the online games and other platforms where you have an account. That makes it easier, but really not safer. If you want to manage passwords better in the future, take a look at a handy application where you can store all passwords in a safe. From mmorpg news you can know more about it.

Mobile free games versus games on the computer

Nowadays almost all online games are adapted for mobile users. But that does not mean that these games can be played just as easily on all devices. On the contrary, mobile players often have a disadvantage. The smaller screen ensures that cards become smaller. Other games lose details on the smaller screens.

Are you looking for games that you can play on your mobile? Always check the mobile version of the game first to see if it is feasible. Of course we also include this aspect in our reviews because it is of great importance for today’s players.

Updates, information and news

mmorpg news

Are you a real gamer? Then you know that news, updates and information are of enormous importance. Opening a new world gives you the opportunities you need to score. Updates are more important, but it only becomes really interesting when you actually know what has changed. And how do you play online games without information about the power of certain troops and buildings?

Strong passwords are the way to ensure that your account is secure. After all, you don’t want other people to gain access to your account. Do you want to be sure that all hours of play are locked up and locked when you are not logged in? Spend some extra time devising passwords. Of course we would also like to tell you how we remember all our different passwords for all different online games.

How do you create strong passwords?

Use as many characters as possible
Use at least capital letters, special characters and numbers
Do not use personal information such as your name or year of birth
Create different strong passwords for different websites
Change your passwords regularly. Once a year is normally sufficient
This of course does not only apply to the passwords that you use for online games. It is also important to block your mail, forums, and other protected areas of websites for people who have no business there. Paying attention and creating strong passwords helps.

A number of general tips

Do you want to make it harder for hackers? Then do not use common words in your password. Also make sure that the name you use does not look like the password. That is the first suggestion that hackers try.

Another tip: never write down the passwords you use. Not on a leaf, not in Word and certainly not in an online file. You never know how well other people have their safety for each other.

How do we remember all the different passwords?

Your password for Forge of Empires is different from our password for Elvenar. And with both passwords, you cannot enter the mail and you cannot log in to the website. Try to keep strong passwords safe.