Ancestor money

The touched antique piece

The ancestor money was the chivies culture. It was created by the Jada emperor. He is one of the most famous gods in China. He is the god that he makes china naturally. He rules both heaven and Earth.

What is ancestor money?

Ancestor money

Ancestor money  which was created by the Chinese. It is for our ancestors that make a way to open the gateway of heaven. It will fulfil our ancestor’s debts. And there was another one it will help to get refresh and take out our negative thoughts, karma, and our mind refreshment. And make our thought clean and fresh. It will be given a piece of luck for you and your family. In the days we got a lot of problems it will be given some luck in our life.

Jada emperor

Jada emperor is one of the most powerful gods in the Chinese religion. He rules both heaven and earth. He is the god of all gods in Chinese. But Buddhism is the most religious culture in Chinese nowadays. But in the past, he is the biggest god in China.

  • The mature way to their theory

The real thing is that the real makers of those coins are the thamizhans. Especially when talking about coins. They are the people who made it to the next level by their hard work and technology and technology-based mind.

  • The makers of the history

When we talk about the coins it seemed to be we are in the Sangam literature and we have travelled almost an era of time back and found those manuscripts and still have a big master’s in that field. It generally lies in the time gap between the B.C 5 the century and B.C 3 rd century. The works of the great poets and the writers in Tamizh have been made an epic work in the era by sacrificing themselves to Tamil and its literature. The reason that we come to the Sangam period is to know that we are not one who managing the circulation of coins and population because there have been great masters before us who ruled and administrated the society epically and uniquely.

  • It has been a long time to reveal

After the Tamizh Sangam period there emerged the Christian locality which made the system collapsed as they handle different types of admiration over the people and still making and striving to make a race in the world. Even the Roman and Greek empire fall because of it. The existence of the era will make a more standardized and mature way of circulation of coins and respect for society.

  • Still where we found

We can still manage to find them in an archaeological excavation made on and around Tamil Nadu which is the real evidence for the era and its dignity. Even at the Sangam period Chera and Pandya are not even equal to Chola in the field of coins and architecture and they have a greater and wider vision on their life. Archaeologists found using a method called palaeography and revealing that the coins emerge as an important form in the Chola period.