motorhome hire yorkshire

The Finer Limits for The Motorhome Hire

Motorhomes are for adventurers but also for those who like comfort.350 000 individuals currently own a motorhome in France, why not try the experiment? For the motorhome hire yorkshire this is important to know the following.

Take care of your camper:

Practice handling the camper before taking it on the road on a parking lot, in a courtyard. Be careful that the camper is flat during parking, and check the vehicle levels regularly. When the camper is not in use, it is best to protect and shelter the camper under a carport to extend its life. Made of metal, PVC or wood, standard or made to measure, you will necessarily find the shelter that suits you. To guide you in the choice of a carport, we suggest you read our article on the different solutions of shelters for a vehicle of leisure. Your car is too small for the holidays. You do not want to tie up all the time in the same place? Make the choice of motorhome rental, it’s very simple.

Rent a motorhome: how to do it?

Choosing to rent a motorhome for your holidays is theoretically no harder than renting a car. In many cases, the well-established rental companies also have a specialized antenna, but there are also specialists. Attention, prices depend on the model and capacity of the camper, but also the season. Feel free to compare on the internet and ask for the conditions of the offers.

Price of a motorhome rental

Count from 100 dollars per day in low season and up to 180 or 200 dollars per day in high season. Do not forget the fuel budget with models that often consume between 10 and 15 liters of diesel per 100 km. When you rent a motorhome, it is fully functional: water supply hose and adapters, 220V extension cord, gas cylinder, jerry can, parking spaces, etc. By cons, bedding is not provided sometimes offered as a paid option and cutlery and kitchenware either sometimes offered as a paid or free option. Accessories such as a baby seat, a GPS, a bike rack or snow chains are also available as an option depending on the agency and the season.

Camper rental: which conditions?

Good news, a motorhome is driving without a specific license. The classic B license is enough. On the other hand, the agencies generally harden a little the condition to accept a customer: more than 23 years and 2 or 3 years minimum of license except accompanied driving. Upon booking, a piece of identification and proof of address are required, as well as the payment of a deposit of up to 3,000 dollars. The insurance system is the same as renting a car with a deductible but also the possibility of buying it back in whole or in part against a daily fixed price. You are also free to subscribe, or not, additional insurance.

motorhome hire yorkshire

You like the motorhome and have decided to share your experience with a savvy clientele by creating a rental company. Why not? This mode of travel is very popular for long or short holidays. Some rules are not to be neglected.

Does a market study?

Make a market study by bringing you with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The fashion of the motorhome sees the development of many companies and you will have to play with the competition. But if you have the commercial fiber, a good sense of organization and availability at any event, then do not hesitate anymore.