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The Finer Balances of Executive Coaching

Today we talk about leadership and in particular we want to explain to you how to be a leader. What we will see today together is for everyone, with family, with friends, at work, with colleagues, for a career, in volunteering or in leisure time, at school as in any situation in your life. In the case of the executive coaching this is important in every aspect.

Who is a leader?

Today we often hear about leadership when we refer to important politicians, sports coaches who get excellent results, great entrepreneurs, people with natural charisma, men who can affect their context and change it.

Searching the net there is a great proliferation of courses on leadership, courses that aim to help develop their leadership skills or teach how to guide other people.

In the world of work, we are looking more insistently for those with “strong relational and leadership skills”, and often we do not even know exactly what these companies are looking for.

We had the opportunity to work in positions that required not only good relational and leadership skills but demanded to take on the role of leader and lead a team, coordinate it, motivate it, help it grow and develop its potential. The leader is not a role, it is not about wearing a dress or performing some functions.

The leader is a way of being

When we speak of leaders, we are referring to that person who is in a position to which others look to learn about the road, a leader is the one who guides other people, supports and encourages them, but above all helps them find their own ways and pull out the best in themselves.

As you can see you are interested, whatever you are doing today

Being a leader or a leader?

Be a leader

Too often today it is called the leader simply who holds a position of command, who has received the power to decide and direct, and for this, the figure has been closely linked to the professional world, almost confined to this field.

But the leader is the one to whom others look to know the way, which means that leadership is not a position established by an organization chart.

executive coaching

Answer the questions we have prepared to help you understand if you are capable of creating healthy and profound relationships with others.

There can be no leadership without this ability, and the answers you give me will help you understand how you handle it.

Beyond the semantic subtleties, the thing we want to express is that to be a leader one must, first of all, develop the inner qualities, express the best of oneself, not be perfect, but be the perfect example of what one says.

The leader leads, first of all, him, and only then can he guide other people as well. No one can show a road if it hasn’t already traveled. Using leadership techniques is possible for everyone; many learn them and start practicing it after a simple training weekend, but being a leader is different from being a leader. The leader uses techniques as a tool to serve his qualities, his vision and as a support to his leadership. The first step towards leadership is to understand that we can all be leaders and understand that being a leader is a way of life.