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The Essential Designs for the Right Website

If you have an online store, the images you use are even more important. For each product you sell, you should always, as far as possible, present multiple images that highlight your various angles, so that the visitor can analyze in more detail the characteristics of each product. Using a white background is ideal for such images. The use of the best design company comes easy there.

Finally, if your website uses many images, you should always use a compression tool such or Compressor. These tools will compress your images to reduce their size, in most cases preserving their quality, thus reducing the loading time of your website pages.

design company

Don’t underestimate the power of images to convince visitors to stay longer on your website. Take the time to browse and create images that captivate your users and convince them to read your content.

There are countless reasons why so few websites are bringing business returns. One reason may be the design. Follow these tips and increase your chances of success:

Less is more. Make the site light and fast

If you are selling a product or service on the Internet, don’t be fooled by the network artists. Stay focused on your message. No one wants to see a layout full of animations and prints that never finish downloading. Keep in mind that if it doesn’t help to sell it won’t do. Do nothing just because others are doing it. Build a website to please the customer, not the boss.

Remember that the image seduces, but it is the text that sells. If you want to get your message across, you should not hide it. Use a clean and elegant, clean layout. It is simple but not simple. You only have a few seconds to get the netizen’s attention. Keep pages light, use few, well placed and compressed images. The text must be direct and objective especially on the homepage.


We all have a comfort zone. We like to feel comfortable and secure. Imagine coming home every day and the color of the walls being different? It may be cheap at first, but after a while, you start to get anxious and insecure. Similarly, changing the face of each page makes people confused and impatient. They may think they are on another site and when you least expect it, they will be. Keep the same pattern on all pages. It’s easy, just:

  • Use the same colors, frames, buttons, fonts and other elements on all pages
  • Leave the company logo always in the same position.
  • If the menu is on the left, leave it there all the time, if it is on the right, same.

In addition, maintaining a standardized layout gives you a more professional impression. Think of Mac Donald’s: a franchise with hundreds of stores worldwide, all the same. You know that in all of them you will find the same service and the same satisfaction.


The keyword is simplicity. The Internet is already a maze of information. You know a lot of people who go crazy when they have to find something. So don’t complicate it, make navigating your site simple and straightforward. All pages should be no more than three clicks apart. You can accomplish this by placing menus for the main areas of the site on every page.