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The best Rug Choices You Can Do Now

The rugs for the living room are design objects that make the environment refined, but also functional. A vast selection of high-quality rugs is available on the market that enriches the domestic spaces and meets the most diverse tastes and needs. The rugs for the living room combine functionality and elegance. They are important furnishing accessories for those who want to make their stay warm and welcoming but always refined. In fact, the living room is the most loving environment in the home. Here you watch TV in a company, read and carve out moments of relaxation. The living room is also space where friends and relatives are received, and its furniture determines the first visual impact with the interiors of the house with budget rugs UK .

The choice of rugs for the home is essential to give elegance, warmth and comfort to the room destined for family and social relations. The rug is a real essential design element, which enriches every style of furniture and enhances any type of furniture. It is also very functional as it guarantees excellent thermal insulation of the room.

In this article we discover how to choose the right rug to be placed in the living room, in front of or under the sofa, to arouse the admiration of the guests, make the atmosphere intimate and the floor warmer and more beautiful.

How to choose the size and placement of rugs for the living room

budget rugs UK

A rug is exclusive when it is of the highest quality, made with fine yarns and wools, with an extraordinary wealth of details for living room rug with geometric designs, with damask patterns, flowery or patchwork, and rugs vintage fantasies a bit ‘faded and worn tell a story built by the hands of skilled craftsmen who weave these timeless masterpieces in the course of many hours of work. The fabrics covering the flooring contribute to making each living room unique in its kind.

How to choose the right rug in the living room?

Whether in a modern or classic style, Persian or ethnic, each design rug must have the right size, it must adapt to the square footage of the room in which it is placed. A model too large would make the room smaller, while a model that is too small would not be enhanced in a very large living area. If the living room environment is very spacious, you can put more rugs in different parts of the setting to have an original, but really refined result.

The rug in front of or under the sofa must always be larger; it must exceed the perimeter of the sofa. To calculate the size of the rug, add 20 or 30 centimetres to the width and length of the sofa. In this way, the fabric on the parquet or on the marble gives life to an overall harmonious image. Above all, the rug can be added to a table or a pouf. The sofa with the matching rug is highlighted in the context of the living room furniture. Its beauty is in the detail of its finishes, the shade or the light of its colours stand out. The result obtained is certainly of great visual impact.