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It is an annoyance to many: a computer that takes forever to boot. Programs that start with difficulty can also cause a lot of frustration. For the dubai silicon oasis authority you can find the best deal now.

Remove unnecessary software

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Over the years you install a lot of programs that you no longer need. Time to clean up:

  • Click on the nut in the start menu to go to Settings
  • Under Settings, go to Apps (and parts).

Here you see an overview of all installed programs, which you can possibly remove. You can sort the list by the date that you last used a program or by the size of the program. This allows you to easily select the programs that you no longer need and can therefore remove.

Disable startup programs

When you start your computer, all kinds of programs also start automatically. It is partly because this is necessary for the computer, but also partly for your convenience. For example, you do not have to open your mail program yourself. It does make starting your computer more difficult.

You can disable the automatic start-up of certain apps. Make sure that you only disable apps that you are sure are not needed. Disabling the wrong programs can cause your computer to malfunction. You need to Right-click on the taskbar usually the bar at the bottom of your screen where you can also see the open programs and click Task Manager.

  • Open the Startup tab if you don’t see any tabs, first click on ‘More details’
  • You will see an overview of programs that are started during start-up

You can disable unnecessary programs that you actually know yourself by right-clicking on the program and clicking ‘Disable’.

Clean up your hard drive

Your laptop may become slower if your hard drive is too full. In particular, the disk on which Windows 10 is installed usually the C disk requires sufficient empty space. According to the Consumers’ Association, it is wise to keep at least 10 gigabytes of free space. Freeing up more space than that makes almost no difference to the speed of your computer. You can manually delete unnecessary files, but you can also use ‘Clean up disk’:

  • In the search bar, search for ‘Clean up disk’ and open the program
  • Select the disk you want to clean up
  • Select the data that you want to clean
  • Click on ‘Clean up system files’

Delete your temporary files

With a program like CCleaner, you can clean up the temporary files, the Windows registry, and other unnecessary files on your computer. This frees up extra space on your computer and can also make your desktop or laptop faster. Only delete files that you are sure you can delete. Please note that if you delete the cookies from your internet browser, this may require you to log in to some websites again.

Restart your computer regularly

A simple means to speed up your computer is to restart it regularly. This will clean up the memory and close all open apps. Restarting also ensures that some updates can be completed.

Install updates

Make sure you keep Windows 10 up to date. The same goes for the programs you use. Updates not only provide more security or new features, but they can also make programs run more smoothly.