Parc Clematis

Structure of Parc Clematis

Parc Clematis is located in Singapore’s 2nd central business district called Jurong Lake District. Also, it is alongside Faber landed house estate, and at the 2 -20 Jalan limping, this is an innovation of big residential site. The newest combo of Parc Clematis Clementi condo is the old website of part west, which consists of

  • 1450 flats
  • Eight strata inter terrace
  • Four strata corner terrace
  • Six strata bungalows

Those are marking a total of about 1468 individual units in the construction. They have a range of,

  • Nine tower blocks
  • Each consists of 24 stories large
  • Split by four collections

The varieties of the split collection are classified into four master names to identify it correctly. They are listed as,

  • Contemporary
  • Elegance
  • Signature
  • Masterpiece

Let us discuss each of these in detail.

Four split collections:

We had already seen the split collection and the names of it. Each has a different structure and the facility along with it. For the very first we take

Parc Clematis

Cotemporary collection:

  • Each group has a diverse range of tower mediums, and here this has four towers range, designed for fashionable style and the youth range family model.
  • It is ultimately a good space for a small to medium family.
  • It has the bedrooms range from 1 to 4 rooms.
  • They are of the dual vital flats which are available for the 2 and 3 room kinds.

Elegance collection:

  • This collection is quite different from the previous one. It comprises of 3 towers.
  • These are of the mild touch of Asian civilization models and for the multigeneration living and also the family hotel living is acceptable for those households.
  • These units start from the range of 2 bedrooms to 5 and also the penthouses.

Signature Collection:

  • This collection is the favorite for many of the home buyers. The design is the best of all the four groups of parc clematis.
  • It has the perfect details of the previous premium towers. They have the complete refined aspects of the lush landscape setting.
  • The most eye-catch model is the pool, which is of the 50-meter lap.
  • These are available for the buyers who are looking for a minimum of 3 to 5 premium bedrooms.

Masterpiece collection:

  • It is the largest one of the parc clematis new collection. It has 18 strata landing houses.
  • All the 18 landing houses It is located within the development zone.
  • They are fronting the landed estate of Faber, as we see already. It is so good for multigeneration living.

By looking at all these best features of the parc clematis, every buyer can quickly love it and willing to buy. As of their requirement, they can pick the collection and book a flat for them. These are very near to all the main areas and zones, so there is no discomfort to travel from this place to the main area for the requirements. Because of its locations, many of them are on edge to book the parc clematis. Generally, there are so many collections in it, and so people use to prefer it instead of other risky things.