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Smart Devices Are Your Perfect Partners and Smart Assistants

Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home have got the number one smart speaker. People who want to buy this thing would make the comparison only then they would decide to buy the smart speaker. When you minutely notice there are some skills which can be done by the Amazon Alexa other the Google. The one thing you should remember is that there are things which have to be done regularly but when you have these smart devices then your work would become easier for you like anything. For Indians, I would prefer to buy Amazon Alexa but people who are fond of Google Assistant can try Google Home without any hesitation. Ben Fisher Magic Co is a technological growth in the vocal industry.

Exclusive Factors of Alexa:

One exclusive skill of Amazon Alexa is that it helps to guard your home when you are not there. If it feels anything suspicious it would alert you immediately. This would help you to come home and safeguard it. When you ordered something online it would alert you that your packages are safe and it is going to reach out delivery at this time. Google Home does not do these skills and it cannot track the delivery which is about to come to you. It does not alert your home if any emergency happens in the house. This is why people would say if you want to be done more skills then you should prefer Amazon Echo Dot.  You can whisper to Alexa and it can answer for that too.

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Yes, when you wake up in the middle of the time and whisper to Alexa about the time instead of looking into the mobile’s bright screen, it would also whisper the timing accurately. It would also whisper like you. It has this quality in default mode and you do not want to do such things. It is already done and it is one of the big advantages of Alexa which makes people love it. Though Google supports music streaming on Youtube, Netflix it would not have the capacity to support Apple Music and Amazon Music. Alexa supports Amazon Music but also if you change its settings it would support Apple Music.

A specialty of Alexa:

Alexa even helps you to do your skills. It helps you to book a cab and also it helps you to order food which cannot be done in Google Home. With the help of the mobile application, you can make Alexa to custom anything like telling a story or greeting anyone and so on. When you fix these things then you would completely enjoy the company of Alexa. You can use this device not only at home but also in your cars. While driving it is not necessary for you to press buttons but you can command to play songs when you have these things with you.

Everything is under the process of your settings. Yes, when you make the settings in your mobile application then it would be their daily routine and nothing is there for you updated. These devices are the perfect assistance for you to make your work easy.