Peter Comisar

Scooter Braun has filed a petition about ex-partner Peter Comisar

Scooter Braun, is the megastar of the music industry, which has launched many big superstars, like Justin Bieber. And now there has been an incident on Thursday night. Peter Comisar has spent a total of two decades at Goldman Sachs and has also become a vice president at the Guggenheim Securities. On the same day, it has been reported that Brain has filed a petition about his ex-partner Comisar. Braun has also mentioned in the petition that he has put more than $5 during the launch of SCOPE capital and also about $3 million for the salary of Comisar.

It was so sure that Peter had been charged and alleged for cheating, but it was not sure about the petition filed against him. But now it is very clear that Scooter Braun has filed a case against Peter Comisar, who was a business partner once. Braun has alleged Comisar for unrelated threats. Now there are many conflicts still going on between them.

Braun spoke up about Comisar

He also added that Comisar wasn’t that active when they were business partners, he does not do much hard work. The petition was filed in Los Angeles, this week, he said that Peter was so terrible and has invested nothing in the launch of SCOPE. Still, he got half of his salary with zero investors and took around $5 million.

Braun has also said that Comisar has not given his time for SCOPE and had focused on his own other business and was managing his own account. It was also breaking the terms mentioned in the agreement of business between Peter and Scooter.

Peter Comisar

And these violations of terms and mistakes of SCOPE capital management has led to the downfall and which has led to the loss of $5.2 million, which was Braun’s total investment.

Braun said that working with Comisar was not a good experience, also they had faced a lot because of him in the business. He has not given a good performance in the terms of investors and also he has not given any security to the investors.

And there were many things said by Braun about the working nature of the Comisar and his performance in the business. Also, Comisar has also been accused of taking salary forcefully for about one and half months, he had taken about $5 million.

Braun said that Comisar has much more fraud history in the past.

Braun’s tweet about Comisar on Thursday

Braun also thinks that Comisar has filed a case about his $50 million against him. After the news came out, the Ithaca Holdings company was sold to HYPE for $1 billion.

Comisar was also accused of submitting wrong details for the PPP loan. He had been responsible for fraud by submitting wrong certificates at Paycheck Protection Program, for getting a loan.

On Thursday, Scooter Braun tweeted that the guy who took $5 million from us without doing anything for the company is now asking for money just knowing about our success. However, we are not scored and love this kind of opportunist.