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Perfect Choices For the Best of Bouncy Castle

Let’s go back to Logitoys with a trampoline castle that looks a lot like the previous one but is worth mentioning with the good comments from users that it collects 4.5 stars out of 5. As with all these products, it comes with a blower that allows you to set it up in just a few minutes. You also find on the Amazon page a video of a customer having filmed his own construction which gives a precise idea of ​​how it unfolds. Its colors are very pleasant with blue, green, orange, and red and yellow. It can accommodate up to 3 children, for a maximum total weight of around 113 kilos. It is resistant and solid and will allow many hours of play. You find it below 400 dollars on Amazon, which offers delivery. You can get the best options like this .

Some safety instructions

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It is important to choose a clean and flat location to receive your bouncy castle. He needs an area free of other objects because he will not appreciate repeated rubbing. A tarpaulin underneath is a good solution to protect it from stones and friction on small pieces of wood that could damage it.

As for the use itself, it is essential that there is always an adult present to monitor. Indeed, even if the whole structure is soft, a bad fall can happen or knocks between children. So ask them to remove shoes, glasses, and anything from their pockets. You also should not have chewing gum or eat. Finally, remind them not to fight and climb the walls. These safety instructions are valid regardless of the play equipment you choose: trampoline, hut swing, gantry with slide, etc. With these tips, your children are ready to have fun safely in their bouncy castle.

Alice’s Garden Versailles bouncy castle

This Alice’s Garden brand playground is not a small bouncy castle since it measures 290 cm long, 290 cm wide and 205 cm high. Its bright and sparkling colors immediately catch the eye. Green blends perfectly with blue and yellow. Each part of the structure is clearly visible, including the front door closed by a red zipper. Once inside, children have the choice between bouncing on the inflatable jump mattress and sliding smoothly on the slide. The protective nets installed on all sides prevent toddlers from being propelled outside while they are having fun.

This outdoor bouncy castle from Alice’s Garden is particularly robust. It is cut from two solid materials: the tarp similar to that of a trampoline and the nylon canvas. The high-density mattress will easily withstand repeated jumps by children. The seams joining each plot are doubled or even quadrupled in certain places to limit the risk of tearing. Editing does not require much time and physical effort. Just place the bouncy castle in the right place before inflating it with the blower and voila. For stowage, simply secure it with the sardines included in the package. These fixing elements are essential especially if the castle is installed outside. A repair kit is also offered by the manufacturer to cover all eventualities. This structure is suitable for children from 3 to 10 years old. It is an essential product because of its good quality or price ratio.