Acrylic Roof Coating

Making the choice of the sealant

Though acrylic roofing is a good sealant in terms of coast and application as well as other factors, it has its limitations, that sometimes makes the owners go in for other options, if there is ponding water, the acrylic sealant will not prevent it. If there is a colder temperature outside, it won’t be right time for applying the coating on the roof. There is a requirement of a prescribed temperature limit for the application for the coating to be put on the roof. Use an Acrylic Roof Coating .

Acrylic Roof Coating

which is better?

You will have to be wise and also seek recommendations when you are going in for the coating of your roof. Though the costs are involved, the process should be got right the first time it is done and not be done over and over and over again, which would be disruptive. Any company or firm taking up the job of the coating will be following this procedure

  • The professional will check if there are repairs required.
  • Whether seam reinforcement has to be done
  • Which sealant to apply
  • The warranty period

The use of acrylics are mostly used for metal roofs as stated above and this is more beneficial for the commercial substrates. As this would save a lot of money. It should be ensured that the water on the roofdrains well. Now better versions of this acrylic sealant have come up and they have better performance. Acrylics are water-based and they can be stored in the bucket for later use after a period of five years also. These are easier to clean up and hence they are environment-friendly and cheaper on the pocket. This is one of the widely used sealants as the coating process also is far easier and can be spread more evenly than the rest.


The ponding water problem still persists but it can withstand it for a couple of years without issue but if this persists you will have a problem with this kind of coating. It has to be noted that after some years you will notice the thickness of the coating would have reduced, this is because of weather conditions. To prevent this you may use a second or third coat for making the coating last longer, but there isn’t a preventive measure of the reduction of the thickness.

There is now a hybrid solution that many companies have worked out which is a combination of using the silicone sealant as amembrane and then coat it with acrylic on top this will give the benefits of both and it will work fine in all weather conditions. This is good when there is moisture penetration, as well ponding water all this is solved by employing the benefits of both the sealants and giving the owner the lasting stability to the structure and longer warranty of the coating can be guaranteed. This also helps for the roofs to drain well as the resin of the silicon will not allow the moisture tostay on the surface. The light will be reflected as needs with UV stable too. The costs may increase slightly due to the use of silicone also as well the labor costs but then there will a long term guarantee.