indoor laser tag

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Paintball is a sporting and fun activity very appreciated by those who seek an adrenaline experience in its purest form. If you want to play it properly, the first rule is to bring the right equipment and wear protective gear. Once it’s done, you can concentrate on the game. Here are some tips to help you have a new experience. In the case of indoor laser tag this is very true.

Preparations to make

To start playing Paintball, the first thing to do is to find the right playing field since the paintball fields are often large and littered with multiple obstacles. You can also choose between a covered or uncovered area according to your desires. If you wish, you can even create your own playground.

You will also have to understand the basic rules of the game and the principles of the activity to be sure of winning. Remember to always wear the mask throughout the game and when you enter the playing field, remove the trigger guard to activate your launcher.

Get ready, play, play

Once you are well prepared, you are ready to play Paintball in due form. The rule to know when you practice Paintball is that when you are hit, that is to say, that a ball of paint has reached you. You must raise your arm to announce your elimination and leave the field. If a ball hits you without exploding, you can continue playing, but in general, it is advisable to report it to be fair play.

You will also need to aim correctly especially for moving targets. Aim slightly above the opponents or at neck height. Do not aim at the face or head to avoid the risk of injury. Then shoot short bursts instead of shooting multiple times.

indoor laser tag

Game tips

To practice Paintball correctly, you will also need to know some practical tips that can help you win the challenge:

  • Always move to find a covered place
  • Communicate with the other team members (above all, don’t forget the device’s communication in this case)
  • Be attentive since the game takes place at high speed and remain careful
  • Be stealthy to better identify your opponents
  • Save your ammunition since they are limited

To play Paintball well, this economy of ammunition is crucial, even waiting to have an opponent in the viewfinder to avoid unnecessary loss. Put on your tactical vest or tactical vest, the entire necessary armory and take your best sniper pose to read what we are going to tell you.

The task of the team is to get the maximum points to win. They are awarded for the accuracy of each player’s shots, and then summed up. Counting errors are excluded: information is transmitted to the computer in real-time. Sometimes they get it in the final game, taking readings from weapons.

The cost of a one-shot is practically zero. The firing range can reach two hundred meters in bright sun; in normal weather, the lesion distance is much higher up to half a kilometer. The safety of the laser tag is beyond doubt: only a beam of light is sent to the player, which is fixed by the sensor.

If opening a laser game without input is very complicated, there are however several complementary ways to bring together the majority of the investment. You can find more information on the different means at your disposal in our guide to finance a project.