Virtual Amazing Race Singapore

Join the Virtual Meeting and Travel around the World

Virtual travel has been developed in this modern era, which is highly interesting than normal travel. Traveling is the most amazing thing which will be preferred by many people in their leisure period. The distant travel will take more days to travel and so many people even though who have the desire will not plan the proper travel. This travel will also involve some long duration and so automatically the travel expenses will be higher than the usual travel. Thus, to aid these people in the Virtual Amazing Race Singapore has been developed.

Virtual Amazing Race Singapore

The virtual travel will consist of many participants and the maximum number of people for joining the meeting is 50. The minimum number of people who can travel to this meeting is just 5. The participants will be registered through the making teams. The making teams will confirm all the registrations and plan a proper travel event. The travel can be to any of the distant locations of any other cities of some countries in this whole world. This world is huge and so any place can be chosen for virtual travel.

The participants will be equally into a certain number of teams in which the people will be acting with great coordination. The people will be sent an invitation for the virtual travel through the registered mail address. The mail will have direct links for the scheduled virtual travel. There will be some guidelines for all the participants who have to be mandatorily followed by each and every participant during the virtual travel. The program for travel will be mentioned clearly in the mail itself and so the people can read all the guidelines properly and download the specified program.

Proper Installation of the Specified Program:

The people should download the program and install the program properly. The participants can check the proper working of the program to avoid some issues during virtual travel. This will save people from not wasting the travel experience. The people will be more concerned about the challenges and some games. The host will travel along with the people and give timely challenges along with some cryptic clues. These challenges can be easily finished if te teams perform with great interest and in a quick manner. The people will have the chance to learn some languages and arts of other cultures which will be very fascinating. The local person will travel along with the other participants in the same meeting.

Learning Culture and Art:

The local person will help the participants in their learning experience and to finish the learning task within the mentioned time. One should be very interested to learn the other culture for completing the challenges at the right time. In case if the challenges are completed by a team within the proper mentioned time, then the team will be noted by the host. The host will also keep a check on the other teams regarding their performance, In case, if there is no other team to finish the challenges in the right time, then the former will be declared as the winner of the virtual race.