Hygiene and comfort of Fluid plumbing

Plumbing can be typically described as the process of a system that connecting pipes, valves, taps through the line of installed fixtures to deliver the fluid at a particular place from the source location. The person who can do the process of conveying (guiding) the water from stagnation source to a destination location for a different purpose is called as Plumber . Do you think that the person who connecting the pipelines for water is a Plumber? No. Many of the plumber who has worked for connecting the pipelines for natural gas lines and sewage water. In addition to recognizing such an important professional the WHO called them front-line health workers and we are celebrating globally 11th March as world Plumbing day. Does anyone think why do we give much importance to plumbing? the main reason behind that is scarcity, hygienic, and safety. for example, water and gas are mostly using in our day to day life so without those things we can’t survive. For that, we had changed the historical approaches of water supply with a new strategy that reuse of water by various wastewater treatment methods.

How the plumbing has been evolved?


Historically the word plumbing has come from Latin for lead it is called “Plumbum” it is originated from ancient civilizations like Rome and China to provide fresh water to the public gatherings to take bath and wastewater removal from the sites through clay sewer pipes before 3200 BCE. Later on, they brought the water through aqueducts systems to public baths and homes which comparatively less pressure than the pipelines to regulate the flow of water. After a lot of evolutionary changes have come in plumbing now, we are using PVC, CPVC, steel pipes, and so on. for plumbing work, we need a skilled person who has much exposure in both theoretical and practical knowledge related to plumbing is called a plumber. To evolve the plumber skill various plumbing integrated courses have been invented like HAVC, MEP.

Design of Plumbing and materials used

The plumbing design should always follow the basics rules of nature like pressure and gravity which saves the water and energy sources. for example, if we take the efficient design of house plumbing, we should consider two things one is freshwater input supply another one is drain water out. While designing the input system we need to have enough amount of water pressure to reach the desired location of the entire house. To regulate the pressure of the water there should be a shut valve which is also used for emergencies in case of breakage in the pipelines. When you consider the drain out system that should not depend on pressure instead of that it leaves the house due to gravity flow without the usage of external energy sources likewise the design of plumbing should be.

Plumbing pipes and fittings are made up of different materials like galvanized steel and iron, PEX, PVC, CPVC, and its fittings are made up of brass and plastics. Nowadays the majority of people using PEX pipe since it has rigid enough to withstand the high pressure. For heater purposes, the CPVC pipe has been used. The plumber should always know what kind of material and quantity is required for the particular use of pipeline fittings then only it can be cost-effective.