hyperkeratosis in dogs

How to treat your dog from the Hyperkeratosis problem?

The hyperkeratosis in dogs would result in the painful calluses; you can find a thickening or hardness found in your dog’s skin around the dog’s paws or nose and find the cracking that is possible for severe infections. It would sure make your active dog pull to deactivate mode and by seeing your pretty dog in worries you to would feel completely bad. To avoid all hindrance at the starting level where it is required for you to seek some help to get cured.

hyperkeratosis in dogs

Normally the hyperkeratosis in dogs is passed down through the genes, and it is specifically found in the Golden Retrievers breeds, Labradors and few other dogs would usually have this type of skin conditions. It occurs during the first year of the dog’s life and the problems as like the Hyperkeratosis is the roots case or symptoms for the few problems as listed below

  • Canine distemper
  • Zinc-responsive Dermatosis
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Pemphigus Foliaceus

To avoid all sort of problems it is required for you to have an appointment with your veterinarian doctor and ask their suggestion and with their support you can solve out the problem of your dog.

How can you find that your dog is affected with the Hyperkeratosis problems?

One can find out different types of the symptoms that arise when your dog is suffering from the hyperkeratosis problems and there are few such symptoms that you should make a note of it.

  • Find the accumulated scar present in the tissues.
  • The lameness and the possible limping.
  • It cannot able to walk as like the other normal dogs.
  • You can find thickness and hardness in the skin around the nose or paws.
  • You can see swelling and pains.
  • The progression in the crusted or in the raised mounds.
  • Find the splitting or the cracking of the skin found around the paws.
  • Excessive dryness and irritation feeling.
  • Find the infection in the nails or paws.

The main cause of the Hyperkeratosis

The main cause for the hyperkeratosis is that it may be due to the genetic problems and due to canine distemper virus and it eventually affects the skin cells and the parasite which is caused by the dog. The autoimmune allergies found in your dog skin. It may be also due to zinc deficiency because the dog could not able to properly absorb the zinc.

The only solution that you can do for protecting your dog from this hyperkeratosis problem is that you can make the diagnosis for that there is a need for you to consult with the veterinarian and they would check out all the things and find out the root cause of the problem, and they would solve it off. They would check out the affected area that is found around the paw and determine whether there is any indication mark found in the hardness or pain. You can give the suggested cream and the pills to your dog.