real estate for sale in Brentwood TN

Finer Chances for the Best Real Estate Purchase

You are looking for a new home because of the arrival of a newborn in the family. Certainly you will be busy preparing for your next baby and will not have enough time to look for a buyer for your current home. The only credible alternative for you is to use the service of a real estate agency. But, on which criteria to choose the agency which will have to load the sale of your good? For the real estate for sale in Brentwood TN this is important now.

real estate for sale in Brentwood TN

Choose a real estate agency in your neighborhood

To facilitate the task, many owners prefer to entrust the entire procedure of selling their property to a real estate agency. The choice of a real estate agency close to you guarantees you a perfect knowledge of the local real estate environment and the potential of your property by the agency. It can validly so enhance this potential and give you valuable advice for a better return on your property. Immob.Biz is a site on which you can get more information in this area. It can be very useful for you to make a wise choice.

Opt for a reputable real estate agency

An agency of high reputation must have at least 4 years of experience in the real estate field. You can unduly inquire about the dynamism, the professionalism and the seriousness of this real estate agency. The best way to detect rogue real estate agents is in their way of working. In fact, a good real estate agent must present you with a statement of his real estate sales situation during the last three months.

He must also come and look carefully at the property to give you some advice on small repairs to make for an optimal sale. Be careful, do not forget to ask the agency when you give a fund a certificate of financial guarantee.

Choose a real estate agency according to the mandate of sale

There are two types of sales mandates by which you can entrust the sale of your property to a real estate agency. It’s about:

Exclusive mandate: As the name suggests, this option allows you to entrust the exclusivity of the sale of your property to a single real estate agency. With a renewable term of three months, this mandate guarantees you an easy sale of your property. However, you will have to pay a commission to the agency if you sell your property directly without its agreement.

Simple mandate: Contrary to the exclusive mandate, you have the possibility by opting for this type of mandate to entrust the sale of your property to several real estate agencies. It is valid for 3 months and may be renewed. It has the advantage of still giving you the opportunity to sell your property directly without paying counterparty to an agency.

Choose a real estate agency based on commission fees

The commission fees of an agency are the emoluments it receives for services rendered. These fees are generally between 5% and 8% of the value of the property to be sold or rented and take into account the costs of:


Each agency has the liberty to fix its emoluments. However, this does not preclude negotiating commission fees down. You can also compare the commission fees before making your choice.