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Erectile dysfunction in the male can be due to many known and unknown reasons. Men normally shy away to discuss such things even to their doctor or close people. Hiding this sort of problems ends up in further complications. Stress, depression is some common factors that cause erectile dysfunction in male. Yet there are many severe reasons like heart disease, diabetics or other medical conditions.  For avoiding further complications one can consult a physician and take the prescribed medicine or just have to log on the for treating the dysfunction of the erectile. These are very common things with particular creams for men are launched, manufactured according to their skin conditions. These creams are used by the men who crossed the age of forty and plus.

The reasons for causing erection:

Reasons are so many for causing erection by dysfunction which can make things in a different way. There are so many options for treating this problem and having various options for curing the disease. The erectile dysfunction can be caused on behalf of many conditions of health of the concerned person. Apart from the diseases of the skin, there will be chances of diabetes can be observed in them. Initial stages the doctors will do counseling about the medicines and they will convey about the root cause of the disease patient have. After this step, the medical practitioner will prescribe the medicines to the patient. Usually, the cream contains about the ingredients like alprostadil as main. The alprostadil is considered as a vasodilator which helps the vessels of the blood to be widened for the flow of blood. The cream which is used by the patient can directly to the affected area for healing the blood flow. After application of the cream, it will show its effects for complete two hours for healing but not completely. For curing the disease not only creams but also the availability of tablets also. After consuming the medicine within thirty minutes of time the person will be normal health. The effect of the medicine will last up to two to three hours of time to become normal and they can do their regular activities.

Tips to apply the cream safely

The application of the cream can be done to the skin directly on the area which is affected by the help of applicator given by them. For healing the wound quickly, the patient should be prepared well for their regular activity for healing fast. Completing the application of the cream the concerned person should wash their hands immediately. There is some direction for using the cream first hold the tip of the cream and slowly spread the cream on the affected area. Gently massage the area which is infected for about thirty seconds. After completion of the massage, replacing the cap and washing their hands is a must.

It is always important to use the cream safely on the clean areas only. This helps one to stay away from a lot of problems.