Criminal defense lawyer Jim medley and his captures

Generally regarded after more than 20 years of legal practice, Houston DWI and Criminal Defense Lawyer Jim Medley have guarded more than 2000 captures in Harris County, Texas. He has helped a full range of individuals accused of criminal cases, including DWI recurrent wrongdoers, DWI with Child Passenger, car accidents, high blood liquor levels, and liquor breath tests. Jim has broad experience shielding cases, including exceptionally prepared Harris district cops. His strenuous work and elevated level of logical preparation have prompted numerous excusals and not-liable decisions for his customers. If you or anyone worry about has been captured, the State of Texas is looking for criminal discipline. These people are also well suggesting for Facebook  related issues. The Harris province legal advisors who will indict your capture are experienced, attorneys. Without the proper protection attorney next to you, the outcomes of a criminal capture can tail you forever.

DWI Lawyer for Harris County, Texas


A DWI capture can overturn your life. The most straightforward DWI is a Class B wrongdoing deserving of as long as a half year in prison. Nearly being captured, regardless of whether you are genuinely honest, can bring about bond limitations that can restrict your opportunity. If you are sentenced, the constraints of your freedom will deteriorate. Experienced DWI attorney Jim Medley will attempt to help guarantee that the result of your Harris district DWI is reasonable. Capture for a DUI/DWI can genuinely affect your life. Not exclusively is the fine and court costs high in these cases. However, various necessities must be met to get your permit back. Trust somebody that has the experience taking care of these cases on the two sides of the walkway as a previous Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.

Traffic Tickets and criminal protection

Have you, as of late, been referred to for a petty criminal offence or different Class C wrongdoing in Texas? Much of the time, these can be handily dealt with it. However, when overlooked, they can bring about enormous cerebral pains for drivers. Likewise, confronting any criminal issue is fantastically unpleasant, which is the reason it is indispensable that you confide in an accomplished lawyer with your future and your opportunity. We are pleased to offer our customers exceptionally customized lawful insight to guarantee that the court cycle entirely regards their privileges. With your fortune, opportunity, and notoriety on the line, let our Harris County criminal safeguard legal counsellors help you. Dealing with criminal indictments of any sort can be a startling encounter, and you may not realize where to go. If you have been accused of driving affected by medications or liquor or while inebriated, a Houston DWI lawyer can set you up for what’s in store and talk about a potential protection procedure. If you’ve been accused of alcoholic or impeded driving, the arraignment should demonstrate their body of evidence against you past a sensible uncertainty. As your Houston DWI attorney can clarify, this by and extensive methods should show that you were in actuality driving and debilitated by medications or liquor. Your Houston DWI legal counsellor will investigate the conditions encompassing the traffic stop, and additionally, any proof gathered against you.