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Choose the Best of Energy Modulation

For the proper execution of a venture and proper use of materials in its construction, without containing waste and frequent problems, requires a qualified design and planning, with efficient controls and work.

In a civil work, greater importance is given to the architectural and structural areas, which are essential, but eventually forget or leave the system for habitability and comfort, such as electricity.

Many times, due to lack of knowledge of this project and its complexity (or even economy), many people start their own business or build their business without hiring an electrical engineer, being subject to risks such as shocks, fires. , many unnecessary materials expenditures and increased energy consumption that could be avoided by correctly sizing the facility. You can Click Here for more here.

As such, electrical design is of utmost importance both for approval by a power utility and for the “safety” criterion, and it is crucial that you understand what it is and why you should not dispense with it in any situation.

Electrical project

It is the written and detailed anticipation with the building plan, containing the location of all points of use of electricity, commands, paths, loads, material specifications and quantities to be used in accordance with current technical standards.

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It avoids risk and increases the level of safety, also helping to save money on materials and has a customized installation that is tailored to the need.

For example: Ensuring the right brightness level for each environment.

Without these procedures, they may cause some problems such as: shutdowns or accidents (fires / explosions) endangering the lives of employees, generating more expenses for the company.


The first step is to hire a qualified and legally qualified professional to develop the project that gives you confidence and credibility, because no one better in this area than an electrician engineer, who will be the technical responsible of the work, having after the completion of the project all the information required for installation.

Therefore, it is clear that when planning the whole structure of your business, such as the location of each environment, it is of utmost importance that you do not forget about the sockets, the load capacity, the light level according to the location, the materials adequate, that is, every detail is essential so that in the finalization of the electrical project there is a constant concern with probable accidents and that there is no occurrence of changes in the structure, which may cause unnecessary expenses.

The electrical installation of an establishment is planned at the time of designing the establishment in question, whether it is a house or a building.

  • It is very common for people living in the establishment not to have participated in the construction process, so they have no idea what the current state of the electrical system is.
  • What also often prevents us from being more careful is the fact that the electrical installation is “hidden” inside the walls or ceilings. Failure to pay proper attention to this may result in the postponement of an extremely necessary electrical overhaul.

Even though apparently functioning normally, a poor installation or lack of electrical overhaul can impair both electricity bills and the safety of residents. And they are everyday signs that reveal the need and urgency for an electrical makeover.