hen party ideas

Best hen party ideas for you

Party is fun, part is enjoyment. Parties bring friends together and give them great space to enjoy. Hosting a party for friends just before the wedding is a nice plan to spend some quality time with them and thank them for everything they did for you. Such a party hosted by a bride to her dear girls is called a hen party. Hen party is for a girl who is getting married soon and her female friends, co-workers or relatives.

hen party ideas

Hosting a hen party requires great planning. You may do it yourself or take the help of event planners to organize your hen party. You can also speak to other friends who have already arranged such parties to get some good hen party ideas . It is also important to work out on the budget so as to host everything successfully. Here are some great hen party ideas listed for those who are looking forward to arrange a hen party.

  1. A night to sleep together : If you are arranging a hen party for your closest buddies then you can always plan for a night party to stay together. Choose a best place for your stay away from any disturbances, so that you can enjoy a great dinner together and spend the whole night chatting with your buddies. This helps to recall all your past memories and provide enough space for a great chit chat. You can also plan some fun games for the night to make it more interesting.
  2. Plan for a camp : If you wish to move out of your house for a day then choose camping hen party. You can set up a camp at your favorite place away from the city and enjoy the camp with your friends. Have some good food, snacks and drinks carried to your camp. And if you choose a night camp a fire camp will be preferable. You can enjoy drinks, snacks, music and dance in a dark night fire camp.
  3. Murder mystery night : If you and your friends love mystery you can plan for a murder mystery night. A big group of at least 10 or more can be well suited for this theme. Choose a best theme or story for all the available characters and play a thrilling game by uncovering all available clues. This may engage you and your team for a very long time.
  4. Swap your clothes with your friend’s : If you are very interested in choosing and trying different outfits you can organise a copy swap in your house or any of your buddies place. Inform all your friends to get their clothes, may be their favorites or based on the theme you choose. This gives you great opportunity to try out different attires and have fun.

Organizing hen party may seem little challenging because you have to fit all party expenses and wedding expenses in the planned budget. If it is the case with you, then always go for hen party ideas that are cost effective but never fail to have fun.