Asbestos Removal Oxford

ASBESTOS-Pros and Cons

Asbestos is a mineral that is mixed with cement for making cement sheets. It is widely used in construction work. It is cheap and best in both the way for manufacturers as well as to buy. In present time cement sheets are made up of cellulose but in past times it was made up of asbestos. When Asbestos Removal Oxford is mixed with cement it will increase the durability of cement. The main advantage of asbestos is it makes cement sheets fireproof and strong. That is why in most construction material asbestos is mixed.

Asbestos Removal Oxford

(Drawbacks of Asbestos Sheets)

  1. Asbestos cement sheets are widely used all over the world and they are also known as fiber sheets. But there are also drawbacks of this sheet that can not be ignored.
  2. During the time when these sheets are installed, removed, or cleaned it causes serious diseases. When these sheets are washed or installed then asbestos fiber disturbed then becomes airborne. Which is very harmful to your health.
  3. Asbestos fiber is easily inhaled in the lungs and affects their health. It causes severe diseases like lung cancer which can not be cured.
  4. In many countries use of asbestos is prohibited due to its health issues. Workers who work in building construction work are extremely at high risk.
  5. Still in spite of many drawbacks and dangers for health till the use of asbestos sheets are growing.

How to remove asbestos Sheets

  1. Removing the asbestos sheets is not easy. A person can not remove asbestos by himself.
  2. There are different companies that provide the facility to remove the asbestos.
  3. At the time of removal of asbestos sheets, some precautions have to be taken because when asbestos disturbs then there are many microfibers getting into the air and causing many dangerous diseases.
  4. If the material is not damaged then asbestos sheets can be easily removed by cutting nails. But if asbestos sheets are totally damaged then it would be the concern of serious matter.
  5. Then one should hire an asbestos removal team that is professional and they have been given proper training for that. They remove or dispose of asbestos material very carefully so that it can not cause any health issues to anyone. They are instructed to remove the asbestos with proper care and under the proper rules and regulations of the government. If they do not follow the rules then they can be fined.
  6. Asbestos removal professionals bring with them proper kits to remove or dispose of the asbestos. Like black polythene, separate water bucket, warning tapes, and the sticker so people can stay away from that area. Which is prohibited by the team.
  7. Removal of the asbestos sheets is also dangerous for the health of the professional team but they have the full mask, gloves for their safety.

So from the above description, it may be clear that the use of asbestos is very dangerous for health so one should avoid contact with these asbestos materials.