prevent keylogging

Anti Key-logger and its Advantages and Disadvantages

An anti key logger is specially created to capture the keystrokes and that is entered by the user. Anti key logger is one of the best known and basic software. And it always looks like a harmless one and then it too sometimes shows its originality of danger when it falls under the hands of the attacker.  Anti key logger considered that it is one of the oldest cyber threats. It gives a lot of advantage to the attacker they can record so much information of the victims these are personal, confidential, or sensitive. The anti key logger and key logger are the same. These are used to detect any key logger present in the system.   It is also used to prevent keylogging  in the computer system. Anti-keylogger has a special capacity to stop any keylogging activity anywhere. Everyone knows that an anti-keylogger is specially designed to prevent the activity of the keylogger. The anti-keylogger protects the user from the keystroke. So that anti-keylogger users can confidential or sensitive or personal details and records information everything will be saved from the attacker.

prevent keylogging

Anti-keylogger is used for the companies and one who wants to stop the keylogger activity from taking place. It is always a unique way of protecting a computer from the attacker. We are using the anti-keylogger for a lot of reasons to protect the public computer. In that, it has been worked as multiple functions to protect the activity. Anti-keylogger commonly has two types they are signature-based detection and behavioural detection.  Signature-based detection completely protects the files in the keylogger and it makes protection on that file from the threat to the computer. The main one is it too has some disadvantages they are it can only protect from the list of keylogger activity. It cannot protect from any keylogger that is protected by signature-based detection. And another one is behavioural detection that is called a heuristic. This heuristic contains so many properties and features that can be uniquely identified by any of the keylogger activities. This type of behavioural detection may prevent characters in the recorded by the keylogger.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Anti-keylogger doesn’t match for any keylogger activity. So it is unique on legal keystroke program and illegal keystroke program.  It is not differentiated any type between any keylogger. Anti keylogging is always better for managing a lot of activity of the keylogger. It always monitored everything of them. The best one is if the anti-keylogging is detect something on our program then it will stop everything on key-logging activity from taking place. Everyone used this type of anti-keylogger because it will receive a lot of people’s trust. So many of them eagerly want to access this type of anti-keylogger. This anti-keylogger used many places that are in public computers and they too need to stop the activity of the keylogger. Anti keyloggers have their disadvantages too are some of the key logger activity can also act as a disadvantage. This is not fully differentiating between the legal keystroke programs with illegal keystroke programs. The most common basic use of anti-keyloggersareZemana Anti Logger and then GhostPress.